Monkey see, monkey do

Everybody feel the same as you, everybody is writing these same sentences in different order.

If you are scare , they are too. If you feel the best times are gone , that’s true too. Never like before , never.

I feel damage, I feel we are avatars of ourselves . My avatar is either in rehab or tripping balls in front of the tv everyday at the same hour. What I like everyday is more random . The songs don’t do the job anymore, the music turn to depressive sessions at 3 am .

I wish that you feel what I feel . People suffers who they are but too who they chose to have closer . And you are not close , and you were never being close either .

The moral of all this is ; even in the end of the world you are not with me .

And me , well … I was not here either . I was probably living in the dreams of somebody else.

I’m just stone again looking my life like a movie of low budget . The house can just caught on fire once , the rest is remains .

I’m these remains . Did you feel the same ? Who we are now ?